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“I had a severe worn teeth problem. Matamoras worked up a miracle for me, I benefitted tremendously from all ceramic advanced crowns and Onlays that treated my worn teeth. I am truly delighted with the results of my treatment at Matamoras Dental Office.” - ROBERT DAVIS.

“It was a privilege to be treated at Matamoras, the doctors and friendly staff were truly amazing. I can't thank enough for their caring, professional reasonable priced debtistry work and would recommend them to anyone who wishes to have quality and caring dentistry treatment” - ADRAIN RICHARD.

“Thank you for a marvelous job in helping me get beautiful teeth. Earlier, I had got 15 teeth and now I have the complete set of teeth. The professional work culture and attitude of Matamoras dentists and their staff was truly delightful, work done was extremely professional and the highest standards of hygiene was maintained. Overall, it was an enjoyable experience to be treated by such high quality dental professionals, very trusting and relaxed. Thank you once again.” - DAVID ALLEN.

“I have been to various dentists over a number of years, but none could match the performance nor standards set by Matamoras and I give it 10/10 rating on all counts. Everything about the treatment and practice is first class. The staff is warm, friendly and always very helpful and the Dentists are absolutely world class for they work magic with teeth. I recommend Matamoras Dental Office to anyone who is on the lookout for a good dentist. The travel to Matamoras is well worth it.” – JULIA LLOYD.
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